Cartagena: a Magical Destination Wedding Part 1

It’s the most special day for any couple, so why not make it memorable? Then celebrate that extraordinary day in Cartagena de Indias, a magical fairy tale city that ignites love and romance. This is a one in a life time event for you, your significant other, family, and friends.  This tropical paradise offers beach and ocean side locations, open plazas on top of the historic fortified wall, and quaint historic houses where any wedding becomes mystical. You’ll just have to choose!

If you are already engaged, take a look at your wedding ring and get inspired by it. If luxury, beach, history, love and romance pop in your mind, just go for it! Give Cartagena the opportunity to make your dream wedding a reality, and as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Turn your wedding into a vacation getaway  for the whole family.  In Cartagena, this day will be remembered forever.

I suggest a small private wedding. Live the experience with your loved ones without worrying about planning a big party or a huge guest list. Just leave the details to the professional local party planners.Tell them you want an elegant Caribbean wedding with local food and drinks. They know how to do their job. Focus on the experience, live it, breathe it. For sure you will have to make some decisions; buy your dress and your couples outfit, and most importantly, buy 2 round tickets to Cartagena for 10 days.

Casa del Azobispado Butique HotelThe “Casa del Arzobispado” boutique hotel. By: Google Images

There is a wide offer of small boutique hotels; old and historic houses located in the heart of the Old City that have been renovated and available to accommodate small number of guests. You can have the option to book an entire hotel for your family and friends. The “Casa del Arzobispado” boutique hotel located in the Old City was built in the late seventeenth century, and previously the home of an Archbishop. This hotel gives you the opportunity to have a royal colonial house just for you, and the perfect scenario for a romantic wedding reception.

The idea is to arrive in Cartagena about three days before your wedding day.  Spend the first day with you wedding planner making final arrangements and then forget about them. Enjoy the paradise where you have landed; history, beaches, islands, restaurants, and vibrant night life. Make you wedding “day” into a wedding “vacation”.

Every bride in their wedding time needs to be pampered and cared for. And they deserve the best of the best. Book a massage at LeSpa, located at the Hotel Sofitel Santa Clara. Enjoy the relaxation and soothing treatments, have a cool drink at the solarium, or just leave troubles behind at the sauna.

Private BeachPrivate beach in Cartagena. By: Google Images

Next day is family and friends day. Take them to a private beach just 10 minutes away from downtown, catch some sun, and have some cocktails. I suggest “piña colada” a pine apple creamy beverage with local rum.

Club de PescaClub de Pesca Restaurant. By: Google Images

At night, gather at the “Club de Pesca” (fishing club) Restaurant. It stands out with its historic and marine scenery that evokes the magic, the history, the freshness of Cartagena, with a natural and, open-air atmosphere. It’s a privileged place, not only because of its antique construction, its beautiful view of the city bay, but because of its menu, where seafood is the specialty.

Take a moment to spend with your couple walking around the Historical walled sector and get hooked by the romance that this majestic city offers. Don’t think about anything. Grab your fiancées hand, keep your mind blank, and free your senses; breathe the tropical wind, listen to live Latin music playing in every corner, and witness the local ambiance. After that wonderful night, get some rest at the hotel.

Roof deck Casa del Arzobispado Roof deck Casa del Arzobispado. By: Google Images

The best part about waking up at  Casa del Arzobispado is having breakfastat the magnificent roof deck Just ask the concierge, and be amazed by the astonishing view of the Old City that can take you hundreds of years back into time.


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