Cartagena: a Magical Destination Wedding Part 2

… Continue your wedding adventure in Cartagena!

This is your day …

Getting Ready at your suitGetting ready at your suit.

Take a dip into the pool at the courtyard and share a moment with your family. After,  go to your colonial suite a take a steam bath. You should be completely relaxed by now. Take a nap and the concierge will let you know when your selected professional stylist arrives. No need to go to a saloon or do it by yourself, get ready to be transformed into a princess at your own room. It’s always nice to have your mom or best friend by your side specially when fitting your dress.

Your photographer will be part of this event. Make sure that he is with you and your love ones in every moment. When you are ready, step outside the room and take pictures around the luxurious hotel.

ready for the wedding ceremonyTo the Ceremony

Time to go.  An elegant horse carriage will pick you up and take you to the ceremony.  And take more pictures…that’s what you’ll have back home to remember this special day, detail by detail. Perform a photographic studio with the historic city as a background.

Santo ToribioSanto Toribio” (Catholic Church). By: Google Images

If you choose a catholic ceremony, get ready to say “I do” in “Santo Toribio” (Catholic Church); another real example of colonial architecture applied in the eighteenth century religious temples. Perfect for your private wedding; small proportions, cozy and beautiful inside, which highlight the beautiful craftsmanship of the high altar, carved in black lacquer and covered in gold foil. It was the last church to rise during the colonial era.

pictures in the historical sitesTaking pictures in the Historical Downtown. By: Google Images

The ceremony is over; you and your love one are now one. Hop on into the horse carriage. While getting to the reception at Casa del Arzobispado take more pictures. Arriving at the hotel, you will hear a folkloric music; local vibrant artist will give you the welcome to your reception and follow you to the dance floor were you will know when to start but never when it’s going to finish. Keep dancing , you don’t need to know the moves, follow your joyful heart an let your body reflect your feelings. You’ll appreciate the colorful, yet elegant decoration around the whole house and the buffet setting with all of the Caribbean food selection. Keep the party going. As we say in Cartagena: love is like a dance…  So dance it off.

reception at Casa del ArzobispadoSo dance it off

Your honeymoon… no need for tickets, you are already there. It’s your fifth day in Cartagena. Say goodbye to your family and friends and begin the marriage journey. Stay in at your incredible hotel another day, just relaxing in the pool, having some mimosa, and beholding your love one.

Rosario IslandHoneymoon at the Rosario Island. By: Google Images

Time to un-pack your island outfit. You are taking a trip to the Rosario Island for three days.  The hotel will book a private yacht and only 45 minutes away discover the most exotic island and crystal clear waters you’ve ever seen. The Rosario Islands were declared a Colombia National Park featuring: coral reefs, sea flora and fauna, mangroves and lagoons that contain more than 1,300 species of plants and animals, native to the Islands. Admire and enjoy the natural life of the underwater Natural Park. I suggest staying at a small resort called “Isla del Sol” or as it name says: sunshine island.

Spend your two lasting days in town living the romance that Cartagena offers day and night, and go back home and continue the journey.

happy ever after

So… say “I do” to Cartagena de Indias your paradise wedding and honeymoon destination, and live happy ever after.


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