Best Cruise Ships from Cartagena

A little bit of history; Cartagena was the main port for the fleet of the Spaniards, and epicenter of attacks from English pirates and French buccaneers. Today, Cartagena de Indias is Colombia’s main commercial port and one of the most important harbors for the cruise industry in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Fort and Cruise ship arriving to Cartagena. Fort and Cruise ship arriving to Cartagena. By: Google Images

Due to its privileged geographical location, cruise ships arrive to this historical destination bringing thousands of tourists. Some of these ships just make a stop, but other ones have Cartagena as a port of embarkation, conveying the opportunity for visitors to start their Caribbean adventure in Cartagena, and then hop on a cruise for an extraordinary retreat.

Cruise Ships in Cartagena’s PortCruise Ships in Cartagena’s Port. By: Google Images

Generally cruise ships give five hours or less to explore a destination. My suggestion is to start your vacation at Cartagena de Indias, so you don’t miss the one city that everyone is willing to come back to enjoy. A normal sightseeing tour won’t give you the opportunity to get the complete Carthaginian experience.

Here are two choices that promise to make the best of your Caribbean vacation.

Royal Caribbean Cruises: a well-recognized brand that has experienced significant international growth by visiting 280 ports, in 81 countries on six continents. Their ships are navigating around the world to many more destinations than ever.

After your 2 nights and three days of historical and cultural adventure in Cartagena, get ready to discover the rest of the Caribbean beauty with Royal Caribbean Cruise for seven nights. This cruise line promises to take you to beautiful beaches, sparkling blue waters, and countless adventures onboard.

Vision Of the Seas in Cartagena’s PortVision Of the Seas in Cartagena’s Port. By: Google Images

Onboard of the Vision of the Seas, discover: Kralendijk, Bonaire; Oranjestad, Aruba; Willemstad, Curaçao; Colón, Panamá, and back to your best destination, Cartagena, Colombia. This ship has a capacity for 2,435 guests. Features beautiful a relaxing spa, two pools, six jacuzzis, and nightly entertainment, like contemporary musical stage productions.

Royal Caribbean itinerary from Cartagena’s port.Royal Caribbean itinerary from Cartagena’s port. By: Google Images

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Pullmantur Cruises aim to ensure that every one of their passengers has unforgettable moments, enjoying every second of their vacation from start to finish. Usually cruises do not offer all inclusive packages; this one does, and has been doing it for 10 years. From breakfast to dinner, and refreshing nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages, you won’t have to worry about your bill. You are on vacation and that’s how it should be.

Having Spanish as their official language on board is part of their way of completing the Latin American experience. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish, their bilingual crew will make sure that it’s not an obstacle, but an opportunity to immerse you into the Caribbean culture.

Pullmantur´s Monarch ship.

Onboard of the Monarch ship (1.162 rooms), experience seven nights at Antilles, and south Caribbean. Day one in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), two days at sea, third day in Aruba, day four in La Guaira (Venezuela), fifth day in Curaçao, day seven in Colon (Panama), and get back to your best home port: Cartagena de Indias in day eighth.

Pullmantur itinerary from Cartagena’s port. Pullmantur itinerary from Cartagena’s port. By:

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I invite you to explore Cartagena de Indias at least for two days, before your cruise retreat, and then enjoy the rest of your Caribbean adventure in one of these two choices. You won’t regret starting with this magical destination full of history and colorful culture.


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