Best Traditional Festivals in Cartagena

Year-round Cartagena de Indias has not only tourists come from countries around world to see historic sites, but traditional festivals that you can enjoy and learn more about this exotic culture. 400 years of history has resulted in an interesting confluence of cultures, from the Indians, Spanish, Africans, and Arabs. All this surrounded in one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean, where visitors will delight in the complete joyful and exiting experience of Cartagena’s culture.

Dancing in the streets of CartagenaDancing in the streets of Cartagena. By: Google Images

Do not expect to just stand by and watch!  Get ready to dance, sing and be part of every single aspect of this vibrant philosophy. Let me guide you through the best traditional festivals held in Cartagena de Indias.

As the year starts, Cartagena de Indias begin celebrating. In January the magnificent bullring gets ready to the Feria Taurina (Bullfighting) event. Its main characters, the bullfighters from Colombia and the world display an unforgettable show.  It’s a dance between animal nature an human being.

Feria Taurina in CartagenaFeria Taurina in Cartagena. By: Google Images.

In February get ready for two main local events that revive the history and traditions of this city: Fiesta Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria (Feast for the Candelaria Virgin) revives the holy light guiding people in the right direction for redemption, and faith in God.  With conviction and gratitude Carthaginians celebrate with processions, cavalcades, Cumbia and Mapalé dancing, and the best of the local gastronomy.

Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria.Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. By: Google Images

Parallel to the Feast of the Virgin of Candelaria get ready to eat the best of Cartagena’s street food in the Festival del Frito (Local Fried Food Festival). Featuring local music, alcoholic beverage as Rom and Chicha, and tons fried food filled with tropical ingredients and love.  Bringing the traditional taste of locals to the public it’s their mission.

Festival del Frito.Festival del Frito. By: Google Images

Cartagena’s festivals give you just one month to settle down and recharge energies. April comes with the Festival del Dulce (Sweets Festival) as another way to catch and keep alive the traditions of Cartagena, Participants mostly Palenqueras, who with their ancestral culinary skills have managed to captivate local and foreign by sweetening their life with one bite.

festival_del_dulce_cartagenaFestival del Dulce. By: Google Images

In November Cartagena celebrates its freedom from the Spaniards: Fiestas de la Independencia  (Freedom Celebrations) The city celebrates its independence with festivities all around the city. This is the real party of the people and for the people, with traditional parades, and multiple festivities for one week.

Fiestas de la independencia-cartagena 2Fiesta de la Independencia. By: Google Images

In the frame of the local festivities the Concurso Nacional de Belleza (National Beauty Pageant) is held. Cartagena de Indias is embroidered with the presence of the candidates for the title of Miss Colombia. The National Beauty Contest chooses the most beautiful woman in the country that will represent the nation it in Miss Universe.

Conurso Nacional de BellezaConcurso Nacional de Belleza. By: Google Images

Cartagena is magical and cheerful, so are its people and these festivals, which reproduce the real cultural expressions of the most beautiful Caribbean destination. Pick a month and make sure you come back for another journey.



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